working characteristics of sand making machine

Compared with the traditional sand making machine, the sand production machine manufactured by our new sand making machine has increased the production efficiency by 30% and the energy consumption by 45%, which is the most energy-efficient and environmental friendly sand making equipment in China at present. Sand maker is widely applied to all kinds of hard and brittle materials such as rock, abrasive, refractory, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore, concrete aggregate and so on. It is suitable for building sand and building sand and gravel for building.

Sand making machine has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, the impeller and the vortex dynamic crushing cavity lining materials since greatly reduces the cost of wear parts and repair work, impact crusher can effectively solve the broken glass and other raw materials in the process of “iron pollution” and “steel slag crushing process steel card” problem, the internal air cleverly eliminates dust dispersion self circulation.

Working characteristics of sand making machine
(1) the structure is simple and reasonable, and the operation cost is low.
(2) rock stone, hot stone, the use of a machine.
(3) high crushing rate and energy saving.
(4) it has the function of coarse grinding.
(5) not affected by the moisture of the material, both dry and wet.
(6) the work noise is less than 75 decibels (DB grade), and the dust pollution is less, reaching the national environmental protection requirements.
(7) it is suitable for hard and hard material in crushing.
(8) the product is a cube, the bulk density is large, and the iron pollution is very small.
(9) the impeller has small self lining wear and convenient maintenance.

Modern industrial development has been inseparable from the ultrafine mill support

The fineness of ultrafine powder is the most important requirement. The processing technology of ultrafine mill is very high standard. The new ultrafine grinding machine researched and developed by our company is a new type of equipment designed on the basis of milling machine to transform the structure and absorb the foreign advanced technology. The main technical equipment is reflected in the full contact roller mill, disc and material grading system classification accuracy.

Ultrafine mill a full set of equipment, including hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage silo, vibrating feeder, micro-grinding machine, variable frequency classifier, double cyclone powder collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure fan, air Compressors, electrical control system. Ultrafine mill suitable for mineral processing, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, refractory materials, non-metallic materials such as superfine powder grinding, superior performance, by the milling industry of all ages.

China from the 70s milling machine industry has just started, developed, the major mill manufacturers have emerged to meet the market demand for ultra-fine grinding continues to increase. After decades of hard work and development, we insist on the innovation of technology and technology, feel free to receive feedback from our customers and continuously improve the performance and function of ultra-fine grinding, making a tremendous contribution to the development of the mill.

In recent years, ultrafine powder has been unwittingly integrated into the modern industry, such as mining equipment which is a straight line up the development trend, the paper industry generally have to add one to two into the ultrafine powder, another example of plastic products, super The amount of powder added is a direct impact on product quality and scope of application. In short, ultra-fine powder in plastic, electronics, coatings, abrasives, building materials, food processing and other aspects of a great deal of use, the development of modern industry can not be separated from the support of ultrafine mill.

ore milling equipment:

How to improve the wear resistance of the ultrafine mill?

Ultrafine mill is a common ultrafine powder processing equipment, it is suitable for raw material, gypsum, coal and other materials, fine powder and ultra-fine powder processing. The ultrafine mill pulverizer works directly with the ore when it works, so in actual production and use, the wear of the equipment is very fast, which affects the economic profit of the user. So, how to improve the wear resistance of the superfine grinding machine powder machine?

The applicable material of the superfine grinding machine is mainly about 7 moth hardness. When the equipment is running, the flour mill mainly depends on the grinding roller and the grinding ring to grind the materials. When they are repeatedly contacted with the material in the grinding process, the pressure and friction will be more frequent, and the temperature of the contact surface will also continue to rise. Therefore, in order to improve the wear resistance of the ultrafine pulverizer, the wear resistance of the grinding roller and grinding ring should be guaranteed.

The wear resistance of grinding roller and grinding ring is mainly reflected in its toughness and hardness. So, how to guarantee its toughness and hardness? On the one hand, it should be made of high wear resistance, high hardness and high toughness. Not only the grinding roller and grinding ring, other accessories superfine grinding machine powder machine, such as blade, blade frame, bearing, gland, nut etc. to ensure the material hardness and toughness. On the other hand, it is necessary to adopt advanced manufacturing technology, reasonable casting and heat treatment process is the key factor to ensure its service life. In a word, the use of qualified materials and the formulation of reasonable production technology are the necessary conditions to ensure the wear resistance of ultrafine mill.

ultrafine mill won the customer’s favorite by its unique advantages

The production of the ultrafine mill is that the users of the market have new requirements for the grain size of the mill, so it is the symbol of the strength. Here, the Ultrafine Mill is a typical example of the whole industry. We uphold the principle of “service first” and provide users with a batch of excellent products, which makes users in the process of using no worries.

The new ultrafine mill has a competitive advantage in performance. It has been improved on the basis of the general mill, making it more durable than other mills, and more consistent with the production requirements.

First, it is efficient and energy saving. When the fineness of the finished product and the motor power are the same, it will produce more than twice the output of the airflow mill, the stirring mill and the ball mill.

Second, its safety and reliability are high: because there is no rolling bearing and no screws in the grinding chamber, so there is no problem of the bearing and its seals being damaged. There is no problem that the screws are easy to loose and destroy the machine, which is guaranteed in the safety production.

Third, its vulnerable parts have long service life: the grinding roller and grinding ring of the ultrafine grinding are made of special materials, so that the use of the ultrafine mill is greatly improved. Under the same material and finished product fineness, the service life of the worn parts is 2-5 times longer than that of the general mill, usually up to more than one year. When processing calcium carbonate and calcite, the service life can be up to 2-5 years.

Fourth, the product fineness high: the ultra-fine grinding fineness can reach D97 time less than or equal to 5 mu m.

Fifth, environmental protection and cleanliness: ultrafine grinding uses impulse dust catcher to capture dust and noise reduction by muffler. It has the characteristics of environmental protection and cleanliness, and is completely in line with the environmental standard of the home, and it can be used safely.

Ultra Fine Mill:

Ultrafine Mill:

Introduction of high efficiency stone crusher equipment

The stone crusher is one of the most important equipment in the sand stone production line, stone crushing equipment type is diverse, the different performance of stone crusher work is different, so what kind of stone crusher is the most efficient, high stone crushing performance advantage machine which is how to work, have which model for us to choose, below is a high stone crusher is introduced.

Introduction of high efficiency stone crusher

Can be used for sand stone production line of stone crusher of many types, but to say, stone crusher is the hydraulic cone breaker, also called efficient hydraulic crusher, he is the current stone crushing performance, the most widely applicable crusher machine, has two of its total center feed and falls off and the centre. Two kinds of material feeding mode.

Two. Performance advantage of high efficiency stone crusher

1, efficient energy saving: processing the same pile of materials, high efficiency stone crusher used less, and the energy consumption is 50% of the other stone crusher.

2, advanced structure and high efficiency: high efficiency stone crusher’s side of the crushing chamber has observation doors. We can see the operation of the equipment through this window, and at the same time, daily maintenance, repair and replacement of daily components can be realized through this window.

3, high automation, safety and reliability: self protection device through vibration display and alarm device, if the equipment is running bad, it can send out a warning, so that the device will stop working to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine.

4, the product quality is high, the use scope is broad: the high efficiency stone crusher product’s grain cube cube content is high, nearly has no needle shape, the fine broken product is used in the high-rise building, to tell the highway and the municipal engineering and so on to the sand and stone high request project, the application scope is broad.

installation method of sand washing machine

Sand washing machine is a sand washing equipment for stone factory, the most commonly used sand factory. The sand washer machine has widely used in many industries, the drive motor, reducer, driving the impeller to tank kept in tanks for circumferential rotation, so that the gravel or slag particles sink in the stir in the water, turning, washing and dehydration by water in the impeller discharge.

Here we have to know about the installation of sand washer machine
1. the sand washing machine equipment should be installed in the level of concrete foundation, anchor bolt fixed.
2. the installation should pay attention to the main body and the horizontal vertical.
3. after installation check each part of the bolt looseness and mainframe warehouse door whether fastening, please fastening.
4. by the dynamic allocation of power line equipment and control switch.
5. check, empty load test, commissioning normal production can be carried out.

Sand washing machine working for heating in winter when the crushing plant, in order to make the lubrication system is working properly, an electric heater is arranged in the tank before starting to improve the oil temperature . In the summer when the temperature increased, the water into the filter cooler oil cooling. The Quarry crusher thin oil lubrication system, suggest the best use of these kinds of lubricating oil: normal temperature in the heating plant in the selection of 45, or 50 of industrial lubricants and automobile and tractor lubricating oil.

The price of ultrafine grinding mill roller

Ultrafine mill internal grinding roller is an important component of crushed material without it, ultra fine mill to complete the production process of the material, when students sweat, the parts due to friction force will be worn, and the service life of parts is limited, that will cause the the service life of the parts gradually decreased, when can’t help production, there is damage to the phenomenon, this time need to be replaced.

The replacement of this part involves the cost. So how the price of the roller is a problem that the customers are concerned about. We are going to introduce how much money we need to buy the grinding roller of the ultrafine grinder.

A model for roller prices, because more types of mill, mill of the same type has many types, they have different capabilities and purposes, so the cost of production there will be some differences, this phenomenon is caused by the difference of equipment price, so the price is not the same equipment accessories;

Two, the quality of influence on grinding roll price, good quality, long service life of parts, so the use of ultrafine mill, the damage frequency is relatively low, the efficiency of the equipment will be relatively high, the premise of good quality is the choice of the material, and the casting process, so the production cost of equipment will be relatively high, so the price will be relatively high;

The article mainly introduces the ultrafine mill roll price, the above analysis the importance of the grinding roller, and then introduces the two aspects of the influence of the price, a price is different models are not the same, the two is the quality of different prices are not the same, so when choosing a specific price, also need to look at the equipment the quality and type and, in addition, in the actual production process, the grinding roller of possible problems, the need for timely treatment and inspection, prevent the production caused greater harm.

Generally speaking, we need to maintain and maintain the grinding roller in production, extend the service life and reduce the replacement times in the production process, which is a more effective way to reduce the cost of ultrafine mill production.

sand making machine is closely related to our life

Sand making machine is a fact that cannot be ignored in sand production line. Sand maker machine is mainly used for fine crushing and shaping operations in sand and gravel production line. If there is no shaping operation of sand making machine, after crushing limestone, dolomite and other minerals, it can not be directly used.

We are a professional manufacturer of mining machinery equipment, sand making machine, sand washing machine, crusher and other mineral processing machinery and equipment is the key equipment of sand production line is not a lack of close contact, and we talk about sand production and living here and you.

The industry is vigorously developing mining and construction industry, and the demand and usage of sand making machinery is also increasing, such as metallurgical industry, large coal mining plant, especially building materials and industrial powder market. The appearance of sand machine improves the quality of the whole ore processing, and makes the production of ore grinding and so on to adapt to the development of the construction industry.

Nowadays, energy saving and emission reduction is the goal of the international community. The sustainable development of low carbon environmental protection has become the demand of economic and social development at present. A comprehensive renovation of building exterior walls will greatly increase the market of wall insulation materials. This trend will bring new opportunities for development of ore processing machinery and equipment such as sand making machines.

The significance of improving the quality and yield of ultrafine mill

The production process of calcite ultra fine mill, we hope to see the production effect, high yield, low consumption, the so-called high yield refers to the yield high, and low refers to the cost of the phenomenon, according to these requirements, for the quality and yield is very necessary, the following are introduce the production effect.
The first is the quality for ultrafine grinding mill, the quality is synonymous with the life of the equipment, the general quality is good, will be a long time for its use in production, is said to live longer, and force the same situation, good quality equipment wear is relatively small, which greatly reduces the repairing the damage in the production of the phenomenon, for the production of investment, can be greatly reduced, is one of the important aspects of customer cost savings;

The second is the production, this is the customer in the purchase of calcite processing equipment, the primary consideration, has a great effect on the production efficiency, so how to improve the yield is not only an important problem facing manufacturers, and customers in the use of the process, an important problem facing;

After introducing the effect of the production and production of the ultrafine mill machine, we introduce how to improve these two aspects.

First is the quality aspect, the equipment structure must be strong, then the material has better wear resistance. The welding between the components needs to ensure that there is no blemish, so as to ensure its good service life.

The second is the improvement of production, the need to achieve the structure of ultrafine grinding is improved so that it can be processed in unit time calcite more, so as to increase its production capacity, to a great extent, of course, for the improvement of production, the need to ensure that the premise of the quality of the products, so as to ensure the comprehensive the production efficiency.

The article mainly introduces the calcite ultrafine mill quality and yield increasing significance, for this problem, I first introduced the quality and yield for the production effect, and then analyzes how to improve the two aspects of the problem about these aspects, compared with the above, I hope to help you understand and understanding.

Vertical roller mill can be adapted to a variety of plaster grinding process

The high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection of vertical roller mill operation has become the mainstream grinding equipment of gypsum industry by virtue of its efficient grinding principle, unique structural design, wear-resistant wear-resistant material and environmental protection equipment. Moreover, the vertical mill can also adapt to a variety of plaster grinding technology, and the advantages are more obvious.

Plaster resources in China are rich, the demand at home and abroad is expanding, and the use value of gypsum is very large. But because the technology of plaster grinding is relatively backward, the utilization of gypsum resources is not high, and the pressure of development cost is still great. Under such a situation, gypsum processing enterprises must apply high efficiency, energy saving and environmental friendly grinding equipment to gypsum grinding process, so as to gain profits in fierce market competition.

There are many kinds of plaster grinding equipment, such as Raymond mill, ball mill, vertical mill and so on. Gypsum grinding process of different grinding equipment will choose different, this will cause the gypsum processing enterprises cost increases, and the traditional ball mill, Raymond Mill gypsum powder processing system energy consumption is very high, and the dust pollution is very serious, these devices are no longer adapt to future development of powder market.

Through many surveys, it is known that the vertical mill is not only efficient in grinding, low in system energy consumption, and small in environmental pollution, but also highly adaptable. The machine can adapt to various plaster grinding processes. Users can not purchase new equipment to achieve different process requirements, almost perfectly solve the problems of the traditional grinding machine for the processing of gypsum powder.

The mill has the characteristics of all kinds of gypsum used in grinding process: large capacity, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, power consumption of dust and noise pollution, low investment cost, product fineness is high and uniform, reliable operation, long wear life and convenient maintenance etc..