Ultrafine mill grinding process

SCM series ultrafine mill is a new type of ultrafine powder processing equipment developed by many years of experiments and improvements. The ultrafine mill has new designed grinding ring grinding curve, which improves the grinding efficiency. In size and power under the condition of the same capacity than the jet mill, stirring mill 40% higher than the yield of ball mill is twice as high, and the energy consumption of the system is only 30% and the jet mill, grinding roller and grinding ring with special material forging, so that the utilization degree greatly to improve.

Composition of the ultrafine mill by the spiral bevel gear, planetary gear, with appropriate gear ratio between the motor and connected by diaphragm coupling. Ultra-fine mill, high voltage AC motor drive of ultrafine grinding mill, the mill to achieve the required speed, side mill machine body is provided with a wear-resistant lining, formed in the disc around the air inlet channel, and play a supporting role after mill separator, hot-air drying furnace waste gas separator, blowing through the air inlet channel ultra-fine grinding machine. The raw coal falls from the pipe down into the grinding bowl and rotates through the grinding disc. The raw material is taken by the centrifugal force to the clearance between the grinding roll and the grinding disc, and is squeezed and ground into powder.

The impeller device of ultrafine mill is installed on the outer circle of the grinding disc. It can make the hot air distributed evenly between the outside of the disc and the separator body, so as to control the mixture of air and powder in the grinding area of the superfine grinding machine and enter the predetermined ascending channel. The independent spring – loaded roller device is suspended in the separator body. When the material is filled with the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding disc, the roller can be freely rotated. A separator, guide liner, equipped with deflector device and separator, these components are used to separate the powder, and guide the wind powder upward movement through the deflector device will separate the coarse powder from the air, and by its own gravity to fall further grinding mill.

The characteristics of Raymond Mill positive pressure wind system

Raymond mill equipment operating system mainly has Raymond mill and auxiliary feeder, fan, cyclone collector and wind pipe and other equipment. There are mainly three kinds of wind system of the equipment: positive pressure operation system, negative pressure operation system and open circuit operation system. According to our company’s experience of Raymond mill for many years, the following are the characteristics of Raymond Mill positive pressure operation system.

Raymond Mill positive pressure operation system, from Raymond mill fan to main engine part is positive pressure area, from main engine outlet to cyclone collector part is negative pressure area, from large cyclone collector to fan inlet is also negative pressure area. Therefore, in the positive pressure operating system, there are two zero pressure surfaces: one in the fan and the other in the mill (grinding roller and grinding ring).

The characteristics of Raymond Mill positive pressure system are:
1. Most of the fine materials are collected in the large cyclone collector. Only a few small pieces of fine materials pass through the Raymond mill, so the wear of the fan is small.
2. The positive pressure pipe section from the exportation of Raymond mill to the main roller wheel is only about 1m, which is beneficial to the dust prevention in the workshop.
3. the air return box on the bottom of Raymond mill is in the positive pressure area. If the four material holes on the bellows are closed or open frequently, there will be a lot of dust spillover, causing air pollution.
4. When just driving (after opening the fan first), a large amount of dust is taken from the feeding mouth. After a few minutes, the feeding port becomes negative pressure, and the dust will stop spillover.

The most important thing of Raymond mill is the dust treatment

In the industrial pulverizing equipment, the most widely used is the Raymond mill. The Raymond mill has good running performance and high efficiency, but it is suitable for different material production and processing. We all know that a certain amount of dust will be produced in the production of the mill, which usually have combustible material and have a certain combustibility.

The seal of the Raymond mill is also very important, and the sealing of the equipment ensures the important measures to prevent the leakage of the powder. The cleanliness and cleanliness of the production area, at the same time, ensure the good sealing performance of the production equipment, do the cleaning work regularly, and do well the dust removal and maintenance of the duster, is the key to ensure the production of the equipment. Through the overall prevention and control measures can effectively reduce the security risks, reduce the amount of dust to do a safe production.

Among them, the reasonable use of dust removal equipment in the factory area is the key to prevent dust exposure. Besides, it is very necessary to clean up the factory area, do regular equipment cleaning and keep the production clean.

Effectively improve the working efficiency of ultrafine mill

http://www.ohiointernationalfund.com/products/grinding/xzm-ultrafine-mill.htmlEfficiency means productivity for ultrafine mill. Therefore, how to improve the efficiency of ultrafine mill is to increase productivity and improve production volume of flour mill mill in disguised form. So, the factors that affect efficiency should be cleared up.

In mine machinery, the use of ultrafine grinding mill is very wide, because its operation is simple and convenient, so it is welcome. But some users reflect their machines, the work efficiency is gradually low, and the problem is unknown, we give the general users the science of science.

Although the ultrafine grinding mill has many advantages, it will inevitably have some dust, sundries, and the wear of the mill for a long time. In the case of these conditions, we should stop the maintenance and do the corresponding lubrication and nursing.

However, most businesses are not willing to repair, but perhaps the maintenance cost may be a fear of delayed production, resulting in further deterioration of the matters, and the efficiency of the ultra fine flour mill is gradually low.

Here, remind the majority of users, if the problem is found but turned a blind eye, will only lead to the problem of ultra-fine grinding machine more and more serious. Do not waste time waste maintenance costs, in fact, do these work, in fact, in time saving, increase efficiency, to achieve twice the result of half the effort.

Therefore, the majority of users must pay attention to, early detection, early treatment, no delay, so as not to delay your production process.

ultrafine mill: http://www.ohiointernationalfund.com/products/grinding/xzm-ultrafine-mill.html

Raymond mill can achieve energy saving and environmental protection effect

The milling industry is a continuous progress and development of the industry, with the pace of development of mining equipment change rapidly, Raymond mill emerge in an endless stream, we sebang industrial production technology group has been a lot of customers love, this is the six major advantages of our products based on.

1. Raymond mill equipment can achieve high efficiency and low consumption of energy saving and environmental protection effect.

2. The worn parts, such as grinding roller mill ring, have long service life.

3. The overall structure of Raymond mill is reasonable, and the use of safety and reliability is high.

4. The fineness of the finished product of Raymond mill is up to 300-3000.

5. The equipment is equipped with dust removal equipment, and the environment is clean and clean during the operation.

6. the equipment uses advanced intelligent variable frequency speed control device.

Our Raymond mill is superfine in fineness, and how does the fineness of the fineness win?

1. the influence of feed hardness, the smaller the feed, the higher the purity.

2. the influence of feed fineness, if according to reasonable feed grain size, can produce fine fineness of the powder material.

3. the size of the feeding air, the powder material will become coarser when the air volume is large, and the time of small wind can be finer.

ultrafine mill used for brittle material production

Ultrafine mill for material processing, whether ultrafine mill is for the production of hard materials, or for the production of brittle materials, all cannot do without the internal grinding ring grinding roller and other parts of the assistance, but for the production process of different hardness materials, these parts have to wear and service life is different, here is to introduce the process of the machine for brittle materials.

If the ultrafine mill machining of brittle materials, at the time of production, is still the grinding roller grinding ring, blade parts will pulverize materials, but this time, these are the core components of grinding force than when machining hard materials, will be reduced, so in this case, the service life will be extended a lot so, this time, for these parts of the material requirements are not particularly strict, of course, can not be ignored.

In addition, ultrafine mill in which the hardness of the material processing, its internal structure is not changed, in general, the size and equipment blade space has a direct relationship, if it is too big to fail, will affect the operation, if it is too small to shovel the material is not up, it will affect the normal use, so that the machine structure will not change.

While working on the ultrafine mill, its working principle is not changed, so when the brittle material production, the internal parts will be worn, this determines the repair and maintenance of the machine is indispensable, this machining hard materials are the same, but in the work when the maintenance and maintenance operations are needed in shutdown conditions, and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

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Working characteristics of sand making machine

Sand making machine is an ideal equipment for artificial sand and stone shaping. In the artificial sand industry, sand maker machine is the best equipment for producing ideal sand products and concrete aggregate. In the field of stone material shaping, the sand making machine is a high-energy and low-power equipment with advanced international level, and its performance plays an irreplaceable role in various kinds of ore fine equipment.

The sand making machine is a new type of efficient sand making equipment designed according to the user’s specific usage and the advantages of other sand making equipment. It is an alternative product of the current bar grinding machine, impact type sand making machine and straight-through sand making machine. This product is: the partical size and the shape of small, uniform, large production capacity and long life of hammer head, with small power, variable tertiary crushing for secondary crushing, process simplification, simple structure, convenient maintenance, stable operation, etc. The equipment investment is 35% to 50% less than the traditional process equipment of the same scale, and the output efficiency is 35% to 50% higher than the traditional technological equipment of the same scale (take limestone for example: the granularity of the finished product is less than 5mm and more than 85%). The long-term operation and maintenance cost is less than 35% to 50% of the traditional process equipment of the same scale, and it is widely used in the industrial production line, cement, material resistance, metallurgy and other industries.

Working characteristics of sand making machine:
1. With high crushing efficiency, it has the function of fine grinding and grinding.
2. The structure is simple, easy to install, easy to maintain and low operating cost.
3. The product has excellent granule type, it is cube, the needle chip content is extremely low, suitable for bone material shaping, artificial sand and 4. high grade highway specification stone. The accumulation density is large, the iron pollution is very small.
5. The work noise is less than 75 decibels (db level) and less dust pollution.

It is imperative to make the technological innovation of sand maker

With the progress of science and technology in our country, the makers of sand making machine have been improving their own scientific research ability, and striving to develop their own way of taking off in the difficult situation of the homogenization of sand making machine.

Sand making machine equipment must break through the single style, old-fashioned traditional sand making process, to launch competitive advantage, please sand making equipment, so that more exquisite and rich perspective development sand making equipment, leading by science and technology.

Sand making machine from appearing in our sight after constantly brings wealth, from the traditional sand making machine is beginning to change, technology innovation, not hard, is for the people have a better life.

Sand making machine in design as well as other sand making equipment rely on sudden impact between ore with hard objects, as a result, it sand and other equipment share common characteristics, its design is better than that of extrusion type. If the feeding mouth is large enough, the nature of the mineral crushing can obtain high granularity crushing ratio, particle forming and can produce good products. Natural crushing method is used to crushing ore. Sand making machine main advantage is that can produce good forming various granularity of high quality products and high productivity.

Technical characteristics and working principle of high efficiency ultrafine mill

Efficient ultrafine mill as an indispensable part of slag cement production process, its efficient ultrafine mill quality and equipment efficiency plays a very important role in slag cement production. However, one of the important equipments in the production process of high efficiency superfine grinding is complicated with its own complexity. Therefore, how to efficiently debug the efficient ultrafine mill is particularly important. This paper studies the debugging of the high efficiency ultrafine mill of the world industrial science and technology group. The results can provide reference for the practical engineering application.

Technical characteristics
(1) in order to prevent ore clogging, it is usually used in the way of feeding.

(2) two main rollers and two auxiliary rolls are arranged on the grinding roll, and the roller is arranged on the grinding disc through a main roll and a auxiliary roll. The main roller and the auxiliary roller have different functions, the former plays the role of grinding, and the latter plays the role of the fixed material layer.

(3) the rollover device is equipped with the main function of turning the grinding roll out of the mill, which is beneficial to the later maintenance.
(4) equipped with auxiliary transmission equipment to facilitate daily maintenance.

(5) equipped with a seal fan, the main function is the seal roller bearing.

Common stone crusher equipment crushing method

With the development of our country economy development, especially the construction industry to drive the sand aggregate production in China, speaking of sand aggregate production and processing, have to say for ore processing stone crushing equipment , sand and gravel crushing processing equipment in stone crushing machinery, such as jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher and other stone crushing equipment machinery equipment.

Different stone crushing equipment, with different methods of crushing, so what are the common methods of crushing the broken equipment? In the above article, the mining machinery is simple and people have said some common broken methods of stone crushing equipment, and I will continue to add to you here.

Cleft: ore and other materials in the two pointed edges of the working face, the sharp edge of the split surface is broken. This kind of crushing method is more suitable for brittle materials.

Crush: in two facets, the material between the plane of action was broken by the pressure of slow growth method called crushed, the boulders crushing method is suitable for crushing materials, commonly used in large ore crushing processing can use this method of broken.